In 1912

the Halsteads left the farm and moved to 149 Parkville Street, St. James, MB. For a time Albert worked for the municipality as a maintenance man. In the car picture Mary Ellen is in the front row on the sidewalk wearing a dark, long dress. The fellow with his foot on the car's running board looks like Jim Milne, Ella's husband.

149 Parkville, St. James

Mary Ellen in long dark dress; Arlene with her hand on mother’s shoulder;Harvey back of them with eye-patch; Milton standing right behind the car.

An article in the Canyon BC newspaper, circa 1936 written by a friend of Albert & Mary Ellen (excerpts ) After residing in Canyon for 13 years they have gone to make their home with Mrs. Jeff Knott (Arlene) in Snoqualme, Washington............ This charming "young" couple have endeared themselves to Canyon people to such an extent that their memory will long remain fresh.... They were always active in church affairs and it was pleasing to see this couple wending their way to divine service at the little church on the roadside... The vigor of the Halsteads was the wonder of all. Mr Halstead, on his 81st birthday demonstrated his youthfulness by walking to Crestin and back, a distance of 9 miles in 2 1/2 hours..... Looking at a pile of driftwood ample to cover a small ranch..he remarked "that's surely enough to keep me bucking for 2 years!"........ (They) were the first to introduce the oldtime game of dominoes into Canyon. If friends did not call often enough to play the game with them, Mr Halstead would take the dominoes to the homes of his friends....... They were Methodists of the old school.. averse to indilging in cards or quote Mr Halstead a dancehall was" the devil's playground"... They were opposed to the use of liquor and tobacco... in politics they leaned toward the Conservative Party.... Mr Halstead was an Orangeman of 60 years standing... The Halsteads were often visited by members of the family and relations all of whom were the best type of British citizenry... The Halstead's were wealthy in every way except in the matter of this world's goods. They lived frugally but exceedingly happ(ily). Their home was open to all and they were charming entertainers. The Halstead motto seemed to be " give all and take nothing".

Mary Ellen & Albert with her brothers William (left) and Jim (right)

Albert, Mary Ellen & her sister Annie and brother Jim

Mary Ellen suffered her whole life with Asthma. Various references to her in documents refer to her "poor health" or "illness'. Nevertheless she worked long years beside her husband in farming, bearing 12 children and raising 10. On October 4th, 1940 she and Albert celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary(picture). On November 14th she had a stroke and died on December the 1st at 12:00 noon. On December 19th Albert wrote the following letter to Charlie Halstead....

Albert lived to the age of 97 dying in 1953. He and Mary Ellen are buried in the Roland Cemetery.