Trogir is a small town near Split. The original inhabitants of the area were Illerians. However it was Dorian Greeks from Syracuse who founded the colony of Tragurion in the 3rd C, BC. Like the rest of the Dalmatian Coast it has been dominated by Venice, Rome, Byzantium,. Hungary, Napoleon, Austria etc.
It has an Old Walled City (UNESCO World heritage Site) numerous churches, a Venetian fortress, a fine marina where very expensive yachts tie up, a lovely waterfront developed recently  (2000) and a tourist-friendly attitude all around.
Homes along the waterfront
Buildings upon buildings upon buildingd
Waterfront View
Helene, Henry and large fish hook
Inside th O.C. again
I climbed the bell tower of the St. Lawrence Cathedral to look around
More Looking
Great Roof
Roof Detail
View from our Hotel )located south of Trogir)
Canal bridge
Blessed Ivan Orsini ( Bishop from 1062 to 1111 AD)
The Tower of St. Lawrence Cathedral (called “St. John” by the locals!)
Inside the Cathedral- Crucifix (around 1440) by Blaz Jurjev Trogiranin
Either a large family or kids on a field trip!
The Chapel of The Blessed Ivan Ursini
Figure on the left- St. John The Evangelist (1482)
Interior Courtyard of City hall
Outside City hall
I have no idea!
The South Gate into the Old City
I think that says Coca Cola.
Loggia next to South Gate. Where you stayed for the night after the City gates closed at night
Waterfront and yachts
Elementary School
Sveti Duje!
The Whole Group
Fortress Kamerlengo.....
Built by the Venetians in 13th-15th C....
As a Naval Base