We stopped here to see  UNESCO World heritage Cathedral of St. Jacob (St. Jakov) built from 1431 to 1536 and consecrated in 1555. The town (pop-100,000) at the mouth of the river Krka dates back before 1066, has many historic sites we didn’t see and is bustling with Croatians, vehicles and tourists. Getting off our bus by a large open square we threaded our way through an old and very narrow street to the Cathedral which proved to be quite spectacular inside and with delightful people-faces decorating its exterior.
(TRIVIA- Nikola Tesla was born in Smiljan, Lika, near Gospic in Croatia- somewhat north and east of Sibenik. He is famous because his mother invented the mechanical eggbeater. ref: Toronto Globe & Mail)
A Shepherd
2 Bells and an afterthought
Church dome
Old,Old Virgin & Child
Great Angel
The exterior and.....
the Main door.
Ditto (sorry about the focus)
These are the people who...
didn’t take part in building the place.
2 chunky cherubs clutching Sibenik’s  charter
More malingerers and a dog.